September 18, 2010

Telling it like it is . . .

So this morning Jack jumps into bed with us at the unusually late hour of 6.15am and proceeds to wiggle his way down to the bump to have a word with the baby.

Sometimes this involves singing, sometimes just a hello and a kiss, sometimes a more detailed discussion about the minutiae of our daily life. Not only will this baby have some idea of how life works in the Barraclough household and what it can expect upon exit, it will also have an appreciation for the entire back catalogue of Michael Jackson.

This morning, however, Jack only had one piece of vital news to impart to the baby, which wriggled around in my belly when it heard Jack's voice, eager to soak up today's pearl of wisdom.

In a very serious voice, he said "Did you know you will be coming out of mummy's big vagina? When it gets even bigger, that's when you come out."

Good to know.


  1. Oh that made me laugh! Kids say the darnedest things sometimes don't they? Enjoying your blog!

  2. creepy a kid would say that!

  3. Creepy? Most people, particularly parents, would see it as natural, normal & factual actually. But each to their own . . .

  4. Haha Michelle that is hilarious! Jack is so funny :)


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