September 21, 2010

The Difference Between Kids & Cats . . .

The difference between kids and cats?

Cats generally have more hair (unless you're unfortunate enough to be a child of ours cos John and I are two extremely hirsute individuals. Can someone please make sure our children are kept in hair removal treatments after we accidentally smother each other to death-by-underarm-hair in bed one night? Thanks.)

But apart from the hair, there's not much difference, if this little vignette is anything to go by.

Do you still want to have kids? Do ya?? Really???

Cos this is EXACTLY what most mornings are like with a toddler (hopefully minus the baseball bat).

The sleep-in is dead. Long live the sleep-in.

Video by the very clever Simon


  1. Has this person been inside my bedroom? That is hilarious - exactly like my cat!

  2. Nic, if you have a cat you should definitely check out his other animations - they are all very cute (and frighteningly similar to small children in so many ways!). See the link to Simon's website at the bottom of my post.


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