September 14, 2010

Serially serious about cereal . . .

Despite only being a few posts in, you will have already noticed several references to cereal.

My name is Michelle and I am addicted to cereal.

("Hello Michelle")

Remember the row of cereal boxes on the kitchen shelf in Jerry Seinfeld's apartment? I'd rather browse through that row of cereal boxes than be let loose in Peep-Toe Shoes with a platinum Amex provided by a sugar daddy. And Jerry's boxes were lined up alphabetically in true control-freak fashion. What more could a pregnant cereal aficionado with a fierce nesting instinct ask for?!

In my opinion, Goldilocks was far too discerning. I'd have scoffed all three bowls of porridge, hot, cold or just right.

Cold. Porridge.
It's THAT bad.

I'm putting it down to pregnancy cravings, but in reality I've always loved cereal. The pregnancy is possibly just an excuse to indulge in more than one bowl per day. And when I say 'more than one bowl per day' I mean 'less than five'. As in four.
Fortunately I like the healthier varieties. Anything with a bit of crunch and dried fruit and you've got me. Although I'm partial to a spoonful of Jack's Cheerios right before I serve them to him.

I am eating cereal for dessert after every meal. There's breakfast dessert, lunch dessert and dinner dessert. Including the actual breakfast main course of cereal, there's your four bowls.

I'm telling myself that drinking nearly a litre of skim milk a day with the cereal can't be that bad. Can it?

I'm also telling myself it's better than cravings for chocolate or chardonnay or anchovy smoothies or beetroot & peanut butter sandwiches.

But still . . . it does make me wonder what effect it will have on the bump. I imagine my amniotic fluid is a milkier consistency than most ("just like a milkshake only crunchy"), and that s/he is swimming around collecting Cheerio rings on his/her fingers. Will there be a snap, crackle and pop when my waters break?

What cravings did you have when you were pregnant? Were they real cravings or just an excuse to indulge? Anonymous comments are allowed :)


  1. Hi there my beautiful cousin Michelle,

    Great idea! Anyway I would like to share that when I was pregnant with my daughter Olivia (who is nearly 7) I had massive dairy cravings like Michelle. I couldn't eat enough cereal, yoghurt, icecream and in the end I was really craving custard tarts (like 2 a day!). I have been told that this is a girl thing, what I mean by that is the baby is a girl!

  2. i never had cravings as such and still find it tricky to understand how that must feel.. well actually Im guessing its a bit like my "craving" about now (8pm) for either Bacardi and pineapple of a glass of wine.
    No craving as such because i simply loved ALL food, especially with my 1st ( i am now the proud owner of 3 gorgeous girls). I would eat substantially more than the recommended 3 main meals or 6 smaller meals with every 30 mins of my waking time punctuated with the likes of a peanut butter sandwich, muffin or packet of chips.
    Quite simply i was young (24) and just SO happy to be pregnant that i really didn't give a stuff how big my bump was. In fact the bigger the better as far as i was concerned !!!
    Fast-forward around 10 months and 8 weeks post-natal at my husbands rather glamorous Xmas do' i was still tipping the scales at 90kg and crying into my size 16 jeans.

  3. Anon - I know who you are and imagining you in pair of size 16 jeans is like trying to imagine Santa Claus without a beard (or a gut!) IMPOSSIBLE!

    But looking at you now gives me hope that there is a skinny, non-cereal-eating girl inside me just dying to get out :)

  4. Ginger beer. Chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    And congrats on the new blog Michelle. Great stuff. I look forward to reading all your musings on life, love and...Coco Pops.

  5. Thanks Rach! As always, loving your blog sick. Can't believe your baby girl is now 4!!!


I love hearing from you (and by the way, you're looking lovely today) x

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