November 21, 2012

Holiday Hookey

John and I decided to play hookey with the kids this week and head up the coast to indulge in a bit of fishin', surfin' and relaxin' . . . (and a whole lotta eatin' and drinkin' too if truth be told!)

And now I'm playing hookey on the holiday (don't tell John!)

I've just had to duck into the Crescent Head post office to do a couple of bits of business and thought I'd do a quickie blog post too. Just because I can. And please don't fall off your chair in disbelief. Two blog posts in one month! Ye Gods - the woman is prolific!!! What can I say, I'm inspired. But don't get too excited. It really is a quickie.

We're in Crescent Head on the mid north coast of New South Wales - a little coastal hamlet we've been visiting for 12 years together (and John for many more years before that). I'm going to post some pics when we get back as well as a few more details but suffice it to say that the weather is fine, wish you were here!

The smile on this kid's face is exactly the outcome we wanted from this holiday
How good is this holiday? Well I'll tell you . . . as I sat in the spa bath in our holiday house with the kids before lunch, soaking my sun-kissed body in what was no doubt a cocktail of sunscreen, mint bath gel and toddler wee (I swear none of it was mine!), listening to Jack under-arm-fart the Transformers theme song and having endless 'cups of tea' poured for me by Francesca, I thought "it doesn't get better than this". Then John brought me a glass of cold sauv blanc and it did.

See ya x

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