February 17, 2012

Friday Phone Drip

I'm inspired by Kelle Hampton, whose website is a blogalicious visual feast which you should visit immediately (after you finish reading this of course), to share my week of iPhone pictures with you. Because hey, at least it's a post in this Incredible Shrinking Blog right? And also, I'm a little bit addicted all the fabulous iPhone photography apps. And for another thing, I'm a chronic over-sharer. As if you hadn't figured THAT out.

Whilst the talented Kelle, and several other bloggers, call it a Friday Phone Dump, mine is more of a Friday Phone Drip because I am not as geeky as I would like to think I am, and haven't figured out how to put more than 6 square photos in the iPhoto collage.

So after a week of pounding thunderstorms alternated with almost unbearably perfect blue sky days, a trip to Penrith to watch the rowing, some backyard pool action and the daily wait for Daddy on the doorstop, here is a snapshot (or six!) of our week.

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