May 5, 2011

Time Out

Oh dear, I've been neglecting you little blog. I'm sorry. Do you want to hear my excuses little blog? Because here they come . . .

Life is getting in the way at the moment. I'm hellishly busy with the business, we're moving house in just over a week, Jack's just had nearly 3 weeks of holidays and and and . . . I'm forgetting something . . . what is it . . . oh yes, my half written novel has been optioned by Hugh Jackman's production company and they want me to write the rest of it on Richard Branson's island for a month!

Okay, that last bit isn't true (but oh how I wish it was!) No, the far less glamourous, yet arguably equally exciting truth is I am doing everything with one hand because I have a 5 month old baby who suddenly wants mummy, and only mummy, most of the time.

But she is gorgeous, with her throaty chuckle and her sticky-up hair and those endless rolls of thigh and neck.

So it's worth a little blog-neglect I think. For now. Because there's so much I need to tell you little blog. I promise not to put you in a drawer for 18 months with the half written novel. (It's getting a little cantankerous that novel. Keeps accusing me of not paying it enough attention. I think it might be seeing other authors. It could all end in tears. I've told it if it leaves then I'll want custody of the excerpts. Looks like we're going legal . . .)

Meanwhile, I've started packing, starting with the two most important household items . . .

See y'all real soon :)

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