October 8, 2010

In These Shoes?

I was up bright and early to attend an Inspiring Women networking breakfast this morning which was due to start at 7am.

That meant heaving 32 week pregnant body out of bed, showering and attempting to pour said body into a dress that would (a) look halfway professional, (b) not show too much flesh between gaping buttons, (c) not allow for an unseemly escape of the ultimate muffin top and (d) allow me to make an emergency wee stop with a maximum of two manoeuvres.

I chose a black knee-length number in fabric that I like to describe as poly-stretchy-manmade-ester (not a natural fibre in sight) but it seemed to fulfil all requirements. The problem is that it's black and dull and not exactly the cheeriest garment with which to greet a beautiful sunrise over Long Reef headland. So I accessorised with red. Red pendant, red resin ring and a pair of lovely (if pregnancy-inappropriate) red velvet wedge heels.

Exhibit A:

John asked me if I planned to walk to the venue, which would be a fair question to ask under normal non-pregnancy, non-heel-wearing circumstances, considering it is only 2 blocks away.

And I said "In these shoes? I don't think so" which reminded me of this completely fabulous and awesomely cool song by Kirsty MacColl which you absolutely MUST listen to. Right now. Go on . . .

I guarantee it will make you want to tap your foot, sway your shoulders, and maybe even click your fingers in a groovy fashion like Elvis in Blue Hawaii, as you imagine sitting at that bar in Guadalajara, sipping something pink and fizzy, waiting for the man with the faraway look in his eye . . . .

Happy Friday everyone. Have something pink and fizzy for me will you? Ta.

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